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We pride ourselves on providing a fair and equitable workplace. Below is our mission statement, to learn a little more about us.
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We create and sell ethical sweets and drinks that use artisan techniques in the service of the best flavor, appearance and texture. We use top-quality techniques and methods in order to deliver an exceptional experience to our customers.
We are actively trying to do good in the world. We take great pride in not sacrificing our principles just to make a better profit. We have a commitment to not only listening to, but amplifying marginalized folks to feel empowered to expand our business’s values, goals, and understanding. 
We excel at the millions of small actions that make a business (and a job, and a life) great.
We provide heartfelt and sincere service. We respect and are grateful for our customers, who are also our neighbors and friends.
We are appreciative and respectful of each other. We have fun together.
We are committed to professionalism (defined as sticking with something long after the glamour has worn off) hard work, humility, and continually improving our skills.
Our mission is a moving conversation in a world where we are all learning. 

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Packaging Lead

Packaging Lead

Hello! We are hiring for one full-time packaging lead at our New Paltz vegan chocolate shop. Looking for a self motivated and incredibly detail oriented individual for heading up our packaging department for our incredibly busy chocolate shop. Everything is packed by hand. Must have kitchen or packaging experience. We are looking for hardworking folks with an excellent eye for detail, and excellent time-management and communication skills. The ability to multi-task and stay focused in a busy kitchen is absolutely necessary.
Positions start at $18/hour with yearly performance reviews and raises to follow.
Please reach out with your resume and a short cover letter. Thank you!
Job Type: Full-time
Salary: From $18.00 per hour
Please reach out with your resume and a short cover to Thank you!
We actively strive to employ those who have had job opportunities taken away from them because of white supremacy and capitalism. This includes but is not limited to: Black and indigenous people, people of color, LGBTQIA+ folks, formerly incarcerated people and folks with disabilities — all are encouraged to apply.
All staff wear masks while working (disposable masks are provided, or you may bring your own), we have hand sanitizer available for staff and customer use. Surfaces are sanitized regularly.