Our Team


Lagusta is a restless rabble-rousing chef-turned-chocolatier who’s in love with deep flavor,ethical sourcing, farmers, the food poor people around the world have always eaten, lactic acid fermentation, and noodles.


Maresa is the sugar wizard behind the vegan macarons that have taken the whole world by storm. She sells her macarons at our chocolate shop, cafe, and here on the website! She is one-half of Confectionery!, our East Village NYC sweet shop. There you can find an endless rotating selection of macaron flavors, as well as an ever-changing and evolving selection of cake slices, cookies, shortbreads, brownies, ice cream sandwiches, and whatever else she dreams up for us! She’s a true vegan baking genius, but her true passion in life? Her dog and best friend, Lydia.


Veronica is the manager of Confectionery!, our East Village sweetshop catering to the NYC candy-loving masses.


Kate has been at the shop for 5(00) years. Kate is a woman of many wonders, managing a chocolate shop is just the tip of the iceberg. I asked her what her secret talents were, & she replied “forging signatures, knowing the zodiac signs of beanie babies, and one time I placed in a Shakespeare monologue competition in high school.” She then proceeded to recite the monologue that placed her (are you kidding?? Such talent!!!). She’s a Scorpio, her favorite piece is a tahini meltaway, and if she were pasta she would be a shell.


Jenn has been at the shop for 2 years now, and it’s a delight every! single! day! Her hidden talents include doing an impeccable Shrek accent / impression that will cheer me up no matter what’s going on, and she can tapdance! (If anyone has any leads on adult tapdancing troupes, let her know!). She’s a taurus & her fav chocolate we make is the Pig Out Bar. If she was a pasta shape, she’d be a bowtie. She also crochets our Halloween cat different seasonally appropriate articles of clothing, ensuring Tinsley is always looking stylish. Pictured here she’s wearing her mini sunhat.


Rachel manages Commissary, the LL coffee shop & cafe up the street from our chocolate shop HQ in New Paltz!


Alexis is a former chocolate shop manager, but continues to be with us as ceramicist behind the beautiful mugs at Commissary! She recently opened her own ceramics and art studio in Middletown, NY, a place by the name of Workshop Workshop.


You probably recognize Erika as one of our top custie service workers. She’s been expertly making you custom boxes of chocolate, caramels, drinking chocolates and *so much more* for a year!! Erika’s favorite piece is a tie between the Tahini Meltaway and the Thyme Lemon Sea Salt Caramel. She’s a Sagittarius, her secret talent is cat photography (her two cats Waffles and Pumpkin are her muses) and if she were pasta she would be a shell!


Shelly’s one of our many custie helpers, and she’s making her way to chocolate production! If you’re local, you’ve probably seen Shelly with our unofficial shop mascot, Nana (pictured above) out and about, especially at Nana’s favorite spot in town, Commissary! Nana’s a mushy love of a pittie who happens to be the background of our iPad register. But back to Shelly – we’ve been working with her for the past nine months! She’s an aquarius, her favorite piece at the shop is the Spicy Thai Peanut Caramel, and a fun fact about Shelly is that she’s trilingual! Wow! If Shelly were pasta, she would be vermicelli.


Our resident Gemini, Sam brings a patience and magic into our shop as she makes your caramels and chocolates.