Sweet + Salty: the Lagusta’s Luscious cookbook

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Hi friends. 

I wrote this book and it took me two years. I took all the photos and it took forever and I’m not a photographer and they’re nice and weird but also hopefully beautiful. I did all the lettering for it, the recipe titles and all that and gosh that took like the entire series of Please Like Me on Hulu too (a must-watch). Like everything in the LL-verse, this square and paper version of us is a mega labor of love. Everyone at the chocolate shop helped test out the recipes and, in some cases, develop them. I tell gossipy stories about a bunch of our past and present crew and go into possibly way too much detail on breakups, breakdowns, love, weird childhoods, money woes, veganism, Foucault’s concept of the panopticon, the male gaze, and therapy than a confectionery cookbook perhaps should. 
There are also recipes. 

Anyway here are some words other people have written about it: 

“If you’ve ever wanted a friend to tell you how to make the most delicious, sophisticated delectables while loving humans, animals, and the environment—and educate you in the process—this is the book for you!”

—Emily Deschanel, actress

“Any journey upstate must include a visit to Lagusta’s sweet shops, and her highly personalized, beautiful book captures this experience perfectly.”

—Terry H. Romero, author of Show Up for Salad and coauthor of Veganomicon

“Anyone who has struggled with living ethically while giving space for daily pleasures will find a kindred spirit in Lagusta Yearwood, an self-proclaimed “fake back-to-the-land anarcho-punk” whose love for chocolate and fellow creatures, human and non-human, is infectious from page 1 of this book. Her vulnerability and openness infuse the book’s tone throughout, making you trust her hard-won expertise in the delicate art of vegan chocolate confectionary-making. As your guide, Yearwood is uncommonly kind, humble, and generous, and we’re so lucky to have all been invited into her shop.”

—Soleil Ho, restaurant critic of The San Francisco Chronicle

“Lagusta shouldn’t share her candy secrets with us, but she does. And we should cherish them. Learn how to make beautiful shiny caramels, rich truffles and all kinds of funky, fancy treats. And do it all with ethics and style!”

—Isa Moskowitz, author of I Can Cook Vegan, Isa Does It

“I never imagined I’d be wiping tears of laughter while reading a tutorial on tempering chocolate, but here we are. Sweet & Salty is a captivating read and an indispensable resource for anyone with even the slightest interest in confections. It’s bursting with hard-earned wisdom, bold culinary innovation, necessary (if uncomfortable) context, a strong sense of purpose, a lot of very, very infectious passion—and, as I said, somehow it’ll also make you snort and cackle and embarrass yourself if attempt reading it in public. Please, someone, turn this incredible book into a television series.”

—Lukas Volger, author of Start Simple and Editorial Director of Jarry

“Long before I ever tasted her exquisite chocolates, I knew Lagusta as a fellow fermenter, and we bonded over tempeh-making and kraut. Since then, I have tasted a wide range of her delicacies, and watched with awe as she has manifested her ambitious culinary visions, without compromising any of her ethical values. Thank you Lagusta, for sharing the secrets of your kitchen with these gorgeous and clear recipes, and for sharing so much more of yourself and the broader context that informs them.”

—Sandor Ellix Katz, author of Wild Fermentation and The Art of Fermentation 

“Lagusta imagines a future for a food system I’d like to live in. Her sharp, lucid writing illuminates a world of flavors that challenge worn notions of what vegan sweets should taste like. She demonstrates how living true to our politics can also push us to be more adventurous cooks.”

—Mayukh Sen, James Beard Award-Winning Writer

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