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Combine your orders

If you would like to combine shipping costs for your Lagusta's Luscious and Softer Power Sweets orders, please follow these steps:
  1. Place your SPS order, mention in the order note that you would like this to ship with an LL order.
  2. Place your LL order, mention in the order note your SPS order number from step 1.
  3. When your order is processed by SPS (typically every Monday) your SPS shipping will be refunded & your order will be bundled with your LL order.
Important: You have to place your orders on the same day and follow these steps exactly. If not, we cannot guarantee your bundle and will not be able to refund your shipping. We're a small business, doing our best! If you have any questions please contact . ♡

Allergen Info

If you are highly allergic to nuts, wheat, soy, and/or gluten, Lagusta’s Luscious chocolates may not be for you! If you have any questions about a specific allergy or cross-contamination, feel free to email miller@lagustasluscious.com.

Our white chocolate contains soy lecithin as an emulsifier, approximately .03% of the total ingredients. Some dark chocolate items are decorated with white chocolate. 

We use nuts in many chocolates. Each chocolate will have it in the name and/or denoted in the ingredients.

We currently use gluten in only two seasonal confection: springtime Matzo Toffee and wintertime Latke Bonbons. This means that our space isn’t 100% free of gluten, but use it very rarely and do our absolute best to keep things completely separate to limit any possible cross-contamination. 

Though we take care to reduce cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of our chocolates are free from small particles of any allergen because we work in a very small space.

Full ingredients are always listed on the website descriptions and products.

Lagusta’s Luscious is an all-vegan facility, but because our bulk chocolate manufacturer also manufactures milk chocolate, there is a very very small chance of dairy cross-contamination. Our chocolate manufacturer guarantees any cross contamination would be parts per million and they have an extremely rigorous cleaning and testing procedure to avoid cross-contamination.

Gift Wrapping

If you select the gift wrapping option when checking out, we will wrap your treats with 100% post-consumer recycled paper and biodegradable (compostable!) ribbon.

As always, a handwritten note is free, just include the text in the “special instructions” box when placing your order. If your note is mega long, we might need to print it out onto our stationery. : )

Please note on your order if you’d like your items wrapped separately, otherwise we will wrap them together. 


Caring For Your Chocolates

For best flavor and texture, bring chocolates to room temperature before eating.

Like most foods, confections are better when fresh.

Chocolates are best kept at cool room temperature away from heat and humidity. Under ideal storage conditions, solid chocolates, bars, and barks will last six months. Caramel and bars with a caramel layer can keep up to three months. Filled non-caramel bonbons should be eaten within one month.

Store all chocolates at cool room temperature or in a sealed container or sealed bag in the refrigerator (to avoid condensation forming on your chocolates!).

Never freeze chocolate, which will dull its flavors.