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Calling all chocolate lovers!! Here you’ll find our ever rotating collection of... 

  • Lagusta's Luscious Café

    Our full chocolate collection plus handmade drinks and pastries.

    25 N Front Street
    New Paltz, NY

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  • Confectionery!

    Our full chocolate collection plus Sweet Maresa's baked goods. 100% vegan, of course.

    440 E 9th Street
    New York, New York

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  • Washington Post logo

    "I was momentarily stunned into silence after a bite of her chewy, chocolate-enrobed thyme caramel."

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  • Edible Brooklyn logo

    "There’s no one better at making vegan chocolates and confections than Yearwood, whose New Paltz shop is a destination for vegans and omnivores alike...."

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