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Lagusta’s Luscious

Semisweet Chocolate Bar

Semisweet Chocolate Bar

1 bar, 50 g

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Semisweet Chocolate Bar ♡ Pure solid bittersweet chocolate. Rich and complex and dark and wonderful. I know it's called the Semisweet Chocolate Bar but I just described it as "bittersweet." The difference between bittersweet & semisweet is so wiggly these days as to be almost meaningless, so we don't sweat it. Our bars are right on the line, and could go either way. The amount of "bitterness" in a bar is pretty subjective and even listing a percentage of sweetness (ours is around 65%) isn't always a good guide, since sugar and cocoa butter are the other main players in a chocolate bar, and chocolate makers can fiddle with both to achieve a desired flavor, texture, mouthfeel, terroir, etc etc. So you could have a 65% chocolate bar that's sweeter than a 55%, depending on how much cocoa butter is in it, ya dig? Anyway our basic semisweet chocolate bar, this here lil babe, is real nice.


truly ethical chocolate (cocoa mass, cocoa butter, vegan sugar, sunflower lecithin, vanilla).

Produced in a facility that uses nuts, sesame, coconut, soy, and wheat.


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Freshness Guide

Chocolates are best kept at cool room temperature away from heat and humidity. Under ideal storage conditions, solid chocolates, bars, and barks will last six months. Caramel and bars with a caramel layer can keep up to three months. Filled non-caramel bonbons should be eaten within one month.

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We ship Monday-Wednesday with the exception of bank holidays. We automatically add an ice pack to your order at no extra charge May-October or when shipping to or from warmer climates. If you would like additional protection from warm weather you can add more ice packs here. Please review our Shipping Policy for more details!

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Always vegan

We exist to make amazing ethical sweets. Since 2003 we have been stirring up heartbreakingly delicious confections using equitably sourced ingredients.
We are a completely vegan, woman-owned business committed to the magic of sugar, our love of the earth, and sustainability without sacrifice.

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